Monday, November 30, 2020

Singer Spice Diana Getting Richer And Richer After She Scoops Multi-Million Deal

Singer Spice Diana is reaping big from her hard earned fame as ever since she became an icon, many companies have been all over her with intentions of making her the brand ambassador of their products. The latest is now the Itel telecom company.

The ‘Jangu Ondabe’ hitmaker as we talk is all smiled after grabbing a new itel deal in these financially ill  COVID-19 lockdown times. Spice Diana will be the ambassador of Itel telecom company in the promotion of their latest p36 & p36 pro megaphones.

Immediately after grabbing her deal, she started immediately with her branding through her social media platforms.

“I am so glad I will be working with @itelMobileUG on the amazing latest p36 & p36 pro. The most exciting part is that it has a strong battery that you will need to experience yourself. Grab yours at a nearby itel shop . Got myself two of them” – spice posted on twitter.

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