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Wives Of NTV Staff Threaten To Divorce Over Lynda Ddane

Wives Of NTV Staff Threaten To Divorce Over Lynda Ddane
Lynda Ddane

It is not long since Serena based Nation Media powerhouse NTV Uganda started up a club themed dance fiesta on Fridays and Saturdays. The two night shows feature a hugely vivacious young woman named Lynda Ddane whose infectious smile and catchy personality has made a viewer magnet for the millions of viewers.

However, it is not only the viewers for the NTV Dance Party that has been left captivated by the vivacious Lynda but the NTV staff as well. 

Most of the NTV staff have opted to stay at work for longer with hope of getting a photo moment with the sassy Lynda or to bench her. This is has brewed trouble for the staff, especially the married ones after their wives have started to complain. Wives of NTV staff members whose names have been withheld in a letter seen by our reporter have threatened to gang up and march to Serena in protest of their husbands staying till late on Fridays and Saturdays under the guise of teamwork during the show.

“How come only when that girl Lynda came to the show, more male staff are keeping longer at work, and keep sharing photos with her. We shall punish that girl.” complained wives in  the letter.

We realized Lynda is no longer dancing well on TV as she started, instead, she keeps smiling, meaning they’re people starring at her while doing her work. Please let this young girl build her career like you did yours. Don’t disturb her….Instead of her entertaining the viewers, she is entertaining our husbands who dodge the cameras and are not at home, only for their photos to emerge online posing with the girl backstage.” continued the letter in part. Others have vowed to divorce their lustful husbands if the trend doesn’t change whereas others swore to teach Lynda a lesson. NTV management is yet to respond to the letter.

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