Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Angry Singer Grace Khan Blasts Hypocritical Friends [AUDIO]

Struggling singer Grace Khan has finally come out to blast all her dark hearted friends who she claims to have exposed her secrets over Kojja Kitonsa.

It should be remembered that the singer experienced the worst start of the year 2020 after she broke up with her said music financer and manager Kojja Kitonsa in the month of March which put a threat to her music carrier.

It was so bad with Grace being branded a witch being accused for bewitching her lover and the official wife in order to win over his love, allegations she denied saying it was all false with people wanting the public to hate her. Worst of all after the breakup rumour circulated allover social media.

However, all this didn’t put her down since with all this drama, Grace Khan came up with a new song called “Boogera” where she responds to all allegations from her close friends.

“Gwoyita mukwano gwo yenyini yanyumya ebikukwatako”, simply meaning “Those you consider your friends, are always your secret exposures.

[Free Download] Boogera by Grace Khan

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