Thursday, January 21, 2021

Grace Khan Pours Her Heart Out In Touching Letter To Ex-boyfriend Kojja Kitonsa

Earlier on this year, famously known Ugandan band singer Grace Khan was nursing heartbreak after a bitter split with her ex-lover and music financier Kojja Kitonsa.

The lovebirds allegedly parted ways after the nasty behaviors of Grace Khan which Kitonsa said was not forgivable. Khan was exposed by a friend that she was doing “juju” on both Kitonsa and his official wife so that she could win over his love. However, things went the opposite.


The ‘Wakyuka’  singer denied the allegations and put the blame on her dark hearted friends who wanted to witness her downfall. However, all this drama didn’t affect the singer as she came out and released a song called “Boogera” that exposing her dirty hearted friends.

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However, as Kojja Kitonsa was celebrating his birthday on Friday, September 11, regardless of all that had happened, she came out to do the unexpected after she sent her ex lover a heartfelt letter showing how appreciative she is to him for whatever he did for her.

“The most heartfelt wishes goes to the man that decided to become father, advisor, brother and a friend too @kojjakitonsa. Thank you for all the support that you used to put in my music, I will always appreciate you my dear! be blessed mukulu. Your pure heart and advises you gave to me have worked for me munange!!, God bless you on your birthday, enjoy your day papa, #Happy birthday Kojja Kitonsa”, Grace Khan posted.

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