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Herbert Shonga Breaks SILENCE On Introduction Romour With Sasha Brighton

Lies Behind Sasha Brighton and Herbert Shonga's Introduction
Sasha Brighton and Herbert Shonga

 After rumour circulating all over social media about socialite Hebert Shonga and singer Sasha Brighton claiming to be official, Shonga has come out to clear the air about legalising their b0nking.

During a live TV interview on a local station, Shonga opened up he was not introduced by Brighton as the romour has it but they had gone for a ceremony of their close friend as a couple and singer as a guest.

However, he believes the introduction is soon and when the right time comes because he is a people’s person and wants so many people to attend this event.

“It was just a party and my fiancé was performing. We took very beautiful pictures and coincidentally people associated it to me being introduced. Ofcourse like any other person, I would love to be introduced because it is also an achievement but for the pictures you saw, it was just a friend’s party.

“I had plans of making it official with Sasha but the pandemic interrupted. I am sure after all this I will be able to throw a big party because I cannot stand anything scientific.” he said.

He also emotionally revealed they lost twins he was expecting with the artiste after Miscarriage.


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Truth Behind Sasha Brighton and Herbert Shonga’s Alleged Introduction Revealed

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