Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Bad Black reveals Sheila Gashumba’s dirty secrets, Vows To Destroy Her (Screenshots)

This war started days ago when Sheila Gashumba complained that Ugandans are copying her by becoming advertising products for people on snap chat something she claims started in the country. Many influencers attacked her saying she can not advertise for the whole country adding that she is jealous because they have taken all her clients.

Among the influencers are Rita Kagwa, Bettinah Tianah, and Bad Black. Now, after being incensed by Sheila’s claim,  Bad Black has revealed that Sheilah Gashumba was paying her to fight Ritah Kagwa and Robin Kisit on social media when they attempted to attack Sheilah. 

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Black has gone ahead to say that Sheila lies to people that she is rich yet she is poor depending on 200k Ugandan shillings which she gets from advertising adding that she is staying is a very tiny room calling her homeless.

According to black, Sheila is a very bad person who has no friends because she is always backbiting the few she has.

” You have no friends, ogeya buli muntu mbu Oyo namuwade transport bagabane. All good people left you kati olimubanga, new friends everyday.”……Black hit out.

Black has also revealed that Sheila has so far aborted five times saying that right now she would be a mother of five. She adds that even though she also aborted, Sheila is a star in that field giving her the title of “mother of the grave”.

Boom Gossip understands that Sheila Gashumba was the first person in Uganda to advertise products for companies and individuals on Snapchat. When other people started doing it, she complained that they are copying her.

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This forced influencers like Rita Kagwa and Robin Kistu to insult her in which she responded by allegedly hiring Bad Black to fight them back for her which Black said she did.

Now Black and other influencers have come out to say that Sheila has been arrogantly insulting g her clients as well as failing to advertise their businesses after they have paid which forced them to go to other people for the same business.

This according to Black annoyed and made Sheila just jealous.

Check out screenshots below.

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