Thursday, January 21, 2021

Former URBAN TV Star Mary Luswata Goes Broke, Depending On Cash Handouts From Friends

Y’all remember a super indefatigable woman that was so fearless on TV and had the world at her feet? That woman was called Mary Luswata. She is the woman that made Vision Groups Urban TV worth watching with her controversial Sqoop on Scoop show. Mary was so popular and her loose talk on TV was unmatched. It laid the foundation stone for many other entertainment shows on different television stations that we enjoy today. However, Mary is no longer the iron woman she was and is now reported to be grassing.

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The mother of two reportedly sticks in an apartment in Kansanga with her children and struggling to make ends meet. Close friends who could not allow being named revealed to us that the former TV star could not manage her ‘Kyeeyo’ job abroad and seems to have got misunderstandings with her Mzungu husband.

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There are other unconfirmed reports about her husband being stuck abroad due to the Coronavirus pandemic which has rendered him broke and has failed to send money to Mary Luswata for upkeep.

One of Luswata’s former workmates at Galaxy FM revealed to us that she used to check on them at the office but she simply stopped coming.

Boda Boda riders in Kansanga near her place of residence told our reporter that the big company cars that used to drop her every evening no longer come and she is commonly seen moving on foot to buy simple foodstuffs. She is according to reports about unrecognizable and needs help.

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