Monday, November 30, 2020

Angry Sheila Don Zella Expose Her Ex-Big Eye After He Claimed He Wants To Exhume The Graves Of Twins To Prove Paternity

Nnalongo Sheila Don Zella has furiously fired at Struggling singer Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye Starboss for claiming that she lied about conceiving twins for the singer. Big Eye in a video that uploaded on Facebook only to delete it moments later had castigated Don Zella for lying that she conceived twins who later died. However, Big Eye insists that he never made Don Zella pregnant and wants to be taken where Don Zella buried the twins to prove that he is indeed the father.

“I want to my Ex-Girlfriend Nalongo Sheila Don Zella to take me where she buried the so-called twins. I never wanted to come and talk about these issues but because Don Zella is tarnishing my name. In fact, I want a team of journalists to come and join me and get to where Don Zella buried these twins… I am holding this holy book because I am sure I am innocent and if I am not telling the truth, let me die this very night,” Big Eye fired at her.

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However, he would later delete the video after thousands of fans took to the comment section to bash him for being a failure and bow jumping at cheap stunts to gain relevance.

“I have deleted the video because it is too much… I am facing a lot of cyberbullying and depression because of the difficult situation I am in right now…,” he would later reveal.

However, Don Zella had already got wind if the initial video and has also taken to social media to swear at Big Eye and to remind him that he will never see the graves of the twins, urging him to respect the dead. She also wondered how the singer would have sexual intercourse with a woman for six years without protection and expect her not to conceive. She also threatened legal action against him.

“BigEye used to chew my sumbie live for over 6 years. how can you sleep with a woman Live and think she won’t conceive…,” fired Don Zella.

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