Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Ugandans can kill themselves all they want but not Nigerians – Anne Kansiime on Omah Lay’s arrest

Comedian Anne Kansiime has responded to netizens who were blasting her for interesting herself in foreign matters ignoring her country’s police brutality saying that Ugandans can kill themselves all they want but not innocent Nigerians.

“We can kill ourselves all we want but Not innocent strangers,” she said.

This comes after she posted criticizing police for arresting Nigerian Artists Omah Lay and Tems.

“Is it true what they say? Sometimes one wishes they could choose where to be born. What a way for us to clean our dirty linen in public and punish those two young innocent talents for our failed systems. Uganda police bambe#Freeomalayandtems already before you smear us all with your understanding filth. Your incompetence if far reaching enaf already. Twebikeko for crying out loud,” she posted.

Angry Ugandans commented saying she is hypocrite who only cares about foreigners.

“I haven’t seen any post about the killings of Ugandans by police, are the two more important to you than the Ugandan lives that were lost,” one Facebook user commented.

It shall be noted that During the #free Bobi Wine riots which claimed more than 50 lives and left hundreds injured, a number of Ugandans artists condemned police for being brutal towards citizens but Anne went awol which angered Ugandans.

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