Thursday, January 21, 2021

“It is Haraam!” – Moslems attack King Saha for starting up a bar (Screenshots)

After news surfaced on social media that singer Mansur Semanda alias King Saha joined the bar business and opened up one, Muslims have since attacked him saying it is a halaam in Islam for a Moslems to involve in any kind of alcohol business.

“Mansoor having a bar business!!!! Uganda enyumide luno. Oba nekamunaba gookya kanabelamu!!! Am asking or a group of diehards of P.I.G”  said one Facebook user. 

“You are a disgrace to your religion” said Mbajjwe Ashraf.

Another social media user named BK Moosa says earning from haraam is prohibited in islam adding that Allah will judge him.

“Earning from haraam is totally prohibited if you are a Moslem I think you know that. Ok Allah will judge him but we shouldn’t congratulating for someone who’s promoting Haraam”. He said. 

King Saha launched his bar last week. The launch was attended by close friends including Spice Diana and Gravity Omutujju.

The bar is called king spot bar and restaurant is located in Entebbe’s near Nkumba University. 


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