Wednesday, January 20, 2021

“It’s OKEY they Killed Bobi Wine’s Guard Frank” – Former ISO spy Charles Rwomushana spits reason why

When Ugandans went on knees to grieve with NUP individuals, the Former government spy Charles Rwomushana is one of the most joyful after military police executed Bobi wine’s private protector Senteza Frank.

“It was acceptable they killed him, for what reason did they affront older folks like Bishop Lwanga,” Rwomushana posted on his pages hours after Frank’s demise.

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Online media has a week ago been flooded of pundits coordinated to the Kampala archdiocese diocese supervisor Dr Cyprian Lwanga Kizito for his remarks for the benefit of the Uganda Joint Christian Council corresponding to delaying the 2021 general political decision and granting the current government three years.

Francis was thumped dead in Busega on Sunday evening by a military vehicle as Kyagulanyi and his group headed to Kampala with writer Ashraf Kasirye who was in basic condition subsequent to being shot in the head to get prescription.

Frank was knocked dead in Busega on Sunday evening by a military vehicle as Kyagulanyi and his team drove to Kampala with Ghetto Media journalist Ashraf Kasirye who was in critical condition after being shot in the head to get medication.

He was shot as he covered Kyagulanyi, a well known figure who is crusading to become president, was leaving Our Lady of Sorrows Cathedral, Kitovu in Masaka City where he supplicated with the dependable of God.

Eye witnesses state individuals from the military and police, remembering a few men for regular clothes, had started shooting with live adjusts in Masaka city on Sunday as many individuals hung tight for Bobi Wine outside chapel.


Who was Bobi Wine’s fallen guard Frank Senteza? Full biography, age, business and all you need to know

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