Wednesday, January 20, 2021

VIDEO: I nolonger chew my wife’s Sumbie due to police -Journalist uncovers

Writer Gabriel Buule has admitted that he nolonger performs in bed after an LDU tormented and beat him causing his disfunction.

“Afande I nolonger play se3x, that’s important, I’m telling. Put it on TV my father-in-law is in Kawempe he should know I nolonger play s3ex. I was beaten by people who are supposed to protect us” Buule sadly confessed. 

Buule asks why security organs in Uganda treat Journalists as criminals.

The Journalist called upon his colleagues to leave Uganda media center  where a security public security press conference was to be held saying that they didn’t get an expression of remorse from the official who took shots at individuals from the fourth bequest yesterday in Masaka while there were covering National Unity Platform official applicant Robert Kyagulanyi’s campaigns.

Buule and other Journalists have showed their disappointment in Uganda Media center for neglecting to battle for them.

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