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Unmasking the all Truth: Is Nubian Li Really on Oxygen Support, was he Beaten to pulp by Masaka police?

Unmasking the all Truth: Is Nubian Li Really on Oxygen Support, was he Beaten to pulp by Masaka police?
Alleged Nubian Li's Photo going viral on social media

Photo asserted to be of the National Unity Platform’s Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s right hand man Ali Bukenya alias Nubian Li has emerged online today early morning demonstrating that he is on oxygen support after it is claimed that he was ruthlessly beaten by Masaka police.

The viral photo online show a male on oxygen support in a similar size as Nubian Li which has gotten netizens eyes to accept the delicate voiced artist is in a difficult situation once more.

However, Boom Gossip understands that the person in the viral photo on social media isn’t Nubian Li. It is claimed to be photoshoot as one of the sort previously surfaced when Bobi Wine was arrested in Luuka and kept for two days at Nalufenya police in Jinja.

The advancement comes after NUP boss Bobi Wine’s new posts saying Nubian Li, Eddy Mutwe and other 18 NUP individuals were moved from Masaka police headquarters to Military encampment in Masaka where they have been supposedly tormented to a point where some are not able  to walk.

“Fellow citizens, reports indicate that our comrades in Masaka were badly tortured to a point that some can not walk. We are still in the dark about comrades such as Nubian Li and Eddy Mutwe” Bobi posted on 1st January 2021. 

On 31st December 2020, Bobi Wine, his group and Journalists were arrested in Kalangala District where they had gone for his campaigns. Afterward, police explained that the official competitor Kyagulanyi was not arrested but rather was airlifted to his home in Magere after he opposed Ministry of Health and Electoral commission rules with respect to COVID-19.

Journalists were released on the same day however some of  Kyagulanyi’s NUP team were transferred to Masaka Central police station where Bobi says they were held incommunicable. While in detention, they were denied chances of communicating with their lawyers and next of kin. 

It is alleged that from there,  members including Nubian and Eddy Mutwe were transferred to unknown places.

According to Bobi, over 40 of his teammates are still in detention in Kalangala District since 31st December. 

Below are photos that surface the internet where Bobi Wine was detained at Nalufenya. However upon his appearance in court, Bobi had no sign of torture.

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