Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Uganda Elections 2021: EC says voters withouts Voter Location Slips won’t be allowed to vote

Electoral commission chairperson Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama has announced that no Ugandan will be allowed to vote on 14th January without Voter Location Slip (VLS) even if their names are present in the voting registers. 

The VLCs are meant to help voters locate their respective polling stations on the polling day. 

According to EC, the slips will be issued to voters across the country for a period of ten days. 

“From Sunday 3rd to Tuesday 12th January 2021 at each parish/ward across the country,” EC revealed through their social media platforms. 

The slips will only be issued to those who’s names appear in the voting registers. 

Byabakama says that the VLS is a response by Electoral Commission to complaints to complaint raised in the past elections where some voters reported difficulty in locating their polling stations. 

However a document released by the commission nine hours ago says that voters who’s names are in the register but fail to produce the VLS will be allowed to vote.

“Please note that only a person whose particulars appear on the polling day register will be issued a VLS during this issuance exercise. However, the voter’s register is the primary document for the purpose of polling. Accordingly a voter, whose name is on the voter’s register but is unbale to produce a VLS on polling day, will be allowed to vote,” a statement by EC reads. 

Uganda is expected to hold presidential elections on 14th January 2021.

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