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Bad Black Reveals the TRUTH about Don Zella’s Speke Planned Theft & Fake Dollars Saga

Bad Black Reveals the TRUTH about Don Zella's Speke Planned Theft & Fake Dollars Saga
Don Zella - Bad Black

Controversial socialite Bad Black real name Shanitah Namuyimbwa has finally opened up about Facebook Blogger Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella’s alleged planned theft at Speke Apartments Wampeewo saying that she indeed had fake dollars. 

“Ladies no money no life..note that maybe Don you played your stunts with your bicupuli to accuse Speke now see you dying in your own movie…,” Black laughed at her friend Don Zella.

For starters, Don Zella landed in Uganda in early December 2020; Bad Black was among the first people she hanged out with. These two were seen together with Transgender Ham Darley spreading dollars on the floor and bed promising to have fun during the Christmas holidays. Many commented saying it was counterfeit money. 

On 5th January Don Zella sued Speke Apartments after thieves allegedly broke into one of the rooms she was residing in the apartments and stole her valuables worth UGX 561millions. She demanded that the company pays her.

A day after, police in Jinja arrested a one Adome Jeremy accusing him of theft after recovering CCTV footage which showed him breaking into room 107 at Speke apartments where Don was staying. 

However, the thief was found with counterfeit money which pushed police to investigate more. Results indicated that Don Zella was in possession of fake dollars and Euros. 

Speke Apartments later wrote to US embassy Kampala to take action.

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