Wednesday, January 20, 2021

“Men are trash” – Disappointed Irene Ntale Breaks Down after being Chewed and dumped Again (Screenshots)

When it comes to matters of the heart, Former Swangz Avenue’s singer Irene Ntale doesn’t seem to be lucky.

While other female artists are getting married, having children, and others legalizing their union, the singer has not showed her fans any signs of giving them the same soon but has instead hurt them by stating that men are trash.

” Men are trash!” She unapologetically stated.

However the “Gyobela” singer’s statement contradicts another which she made five days ago.

“Good men, may God protect you from wicked women this year. Amen.” She tweeted earlier.

The two contradicting statements have made netizens believe Irene has been heartbroken once again.

Male tweeps couldn’t let the singer disrespect them by calling their trash hence bashing her saying that her father is trash too

“Tell your father we have a meeting at the dustbin tomorrow….” One tweep said.

 Ntale responded saying that her father died when she was still young.

“Munange samulabako, yaffa nkyali bujje,” she replied.

The 31 years old has been attached to a number of men ever since she Rose to fame.

She has been rumoured to have dated people like Ray Signature, Toniks, Vince Musisi, Julius Kyazze, Rich gang Member Ed Cheune, and Daxx Kartel.


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