Home Celebrity Gossip Bennie Gunter Dumped By His Manager, His Dirty Secrets Exposed

Bennie Gunter Dumped By His Manager, His Dirty Secrets Exposed

Bennie Gunter Dumped By His Manager, His Dirty Secrets Exposed
Bennie Gunter with manager

Ugandan dancehall maestro Bennie Gunter is in more Troy me after being dumped yet again by his manager. The singer who has already been in hot soup due to his failure to take care of his baby that he fathered from a housemaid has seen his music career tail off the rails. 

The dancehall star has now lost his management after his manager a one Ibra hot tired of the singer’s ill mind and disrespectful character. Bennie and IBRA have been together since 2014 when the singer was beginning his music career after high school and was given shelter and needs by Ibra. The manager claims that he housed the singer for years as he even wore his clothes. 

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Ibra in an interview however feels disappointed after he claims the singer has developed a bad mind and never appreciates the fact that its Ibra that has made him who he is today and gathered the wealth he has. Despite a lot of effort to lift Bennie’s talent, Ibra claims that he has not been paid a single penny for his pains.

“I have been with Beenie Gunter for 6 years, I got him from nothing and all he came with was his Backpack, I gave him everything of mine, he was even staying in my house, wearing my clothes and everything he owns today we made it together.

The biggest pain is that he has alot of hate in him, he is so bad and he has never given me any credit or even paid me yet he gets money because of my sweat. I left him four months ago but now it is high time i make it Public“- Ibrah stated during the interview.


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