“Daddy Andre Impregnated, Abandoned My Sister and Also Wanted To Chew My Sumbie” – Another Babe Tells The Painful Story Pinning The Producer

“Daddy Andre Impregnanted, Abandoned My Sister and Also Wanted to Chew My Sumbie” - Another Babe Tells The Painful Story Pinning The Producer
Daddy Andre - Kyle's sister

What had started as a mere isolated incident has culminated into an elongated sex scandal that has gripped the entertainment industry.

As we continue to come to terms with the biting ire of the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent near lockdown, Ugandans will also have to bear tale after tale about the sexual antics of the nation’s top producer – Daddy Andre.

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Andre has seen his actions in the dark come to haunt him in broad daylight after a chain of female singers have pinned him for attempting to chew their sexually molest them in the name of helping them succeed in their music careers. First was Nadia Rania, Amber, J Pafra and now; a one Kyle.

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A sister to Kyle, the victim of Daddy Andre’s furious whooper is so depressed that she can’t come out to the press. So her sister did it on her behalf. In a long painful statement that she released on social media, Kyle’s sister says Andre chewed her sister, made her pregnant, abandoned her and threatened her into abortion of the baby.

Kyle’s sister

 “…And it’s my sister that he did all the stuff and decided to threaten us.

That stupid fool used my sister and made her pregnant, when i tried talking to him he was seducing me too that we do it. Andrey kept on threatening my sister mbu she should abort the baby. 

Andrey kept on sending us messengers with threatening messages. 

My mum died with a lot of pain according what Andre did to our sis Kyle. Kyle got miscarriage coz of stress and pressure we were put on even the doctor told us.

Andre has a good face, body with a rotten heart.

Yes Mat, let the world know his wrong dids bannange.

 Am doing all this behind my sisters back coz she has no guts to do it but i feel like mi sister deserves justice,” wrote Kyle’s sister whose names are withheld

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