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Eddy Kenzo Going To Exile

Eddy Kenzo In Isolation After Return From Ivory Coast
Eddy Kenzo

Ugandan established entertainer and singer Eddy Kenzo has launched scathingly venom at fellow singer and politician Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine accusing him of being a very selfish man who only thinks of himself at the expense of others. Eddy Kenzo lashed at Bobi Wine for refusing to acknowledge his fellow big artistes into his new party. 

Kenzo castigated Bobi Wine for thinking about only himself and refusing to admit Chameleone into the NUP with pomp just because he is afraid that they will take his place. He actually declared that Bobi Wine is not fit to be president and that he will immediately go to exile if the former ghetto gladiator wins the vote to statehouse.

“Tell Bobi Kenzo is not happy at all. wants to overthrow all the big artistes in Uganda. Why didn’t he endorse Jose Chameleone into his new party National Unity Platform? Why did he endorse Lutaya and then posted Kabaako on his page… In fact, if Bobi Wine becomes the president of Uganda, I vow to leave this country because I can’t stay with a traitor. If Bobi Wine wants to show us that he is superior, then I Kenzo, I will not work with him. Also, I have worked for my name because I came from the Ghetto, therefore if all Ugandans hate me, then I will go and perform in Guinea.

“I was nominated in Nigeria but his colleagues or People Power supporters are busy decampaigning me on social media. I remeber when the government stopped him from performing at Namboole National Stadium, he told all Ugandans to stop supporting Uganda cranes… Therefore how can we back such a greedy leader to become President of this beautiful country?” Fumed Eddy Kenzo.

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