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PHOTOS: State House In Panic As Aide Rwakanuma’s [email protected]#des With Side-chic Leak, Internet On Fire

PHOTOS: State House In Panic As Aide Rwakanuma's N@#des With Side-chic Rock The Internet
State House in panic State House In Panic As Aide Rwakanuma's [email protected]#des With Side-chic Leak

There is trouble in the household of state house aide and aspiring Member of Parliament for Isingiro South Jeff Rwakanuma after [email protected]#ked photos of him having a hit romp with a city slay queen leaked to the internet.

The state house aide took photos with a side chic only identified as Agasha Olive with whom he has been cheating on behind his wife Allen Karungi’s back.

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Trouble for Rwakanuuma started when his say side chic Agasha’s phone got lost and landed in the wrong hands yet to be identified who leaked the photos onto the internet. This has left his wife Allen Karungi distraught and mad since this was happening in her own marital bed and home in Lungujja behind her back.

The numerous photos which are reported to have been extracted from Agasha’s phone show the two [email protected]!#ked in bed on several occasions as they take different poses. In some of the photos, the side chic is seen lying on the bed all wet and hot as she admires Rwakanuma’s circumcised cassava which was about to get lost in her wet flesh. More and more shameful photos are seen in the gallery and many and we have got them for you here.

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It is said that Rwakanuma has been feasting on several city slay queens apart from Olive Agasha. He has reportedly Chewed TV presenter Agasha Sabrina, among others.

Check out photos below:

Jeff in bed with his Side-dish
Jeff Rwakanuma relaxes in bed with Olive Agasha
Jeff Rwakanuma and wife Allen Karungi


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