SHOCKING TRUTH: Why Judith Heard Lied About Her COVID-19 Status

SHOCKING TRUTH: Why Judith Heard Lied About Her COVID-19 Status
Judith Heard

Faded city socialite Judith Heard has been a constant name in the news ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 was confirmed in Uganda.

The city socialite was in some circles rumoured to have tested positive for coronavirus. However, upon a series of investigations by our Snoops its was realised that it had all been a hoax.

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However, sources confirmed to us that the Nnalongo was personally behind the rumours as she allegedly paid close pals to spread the word that she has coronavirus. It was later realised that Judith Heard faked her COVID-19 status so as to make news and be relevant again since she had faded into oblivion.

Despite the fact that Judith Heard had been in contact with Tanzanian entertainment guru Mwana Fa who has since tested positive for coronavirus, Judith Heard is not positive yet.

The socialite still has a lot of time on her aide if she wants to fake such reports since COVID-19 is increasing day by day in the country.

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