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“Stop Fighting Against Bullying, You’re A Bully Yourself!” – Fans Slam Sheila Gashumba Over Fighting Urban TV’s Tina Fierce [Screenshots]

Sheila With God's Plan - Tina

Urban TV’s Christine Karungi aka Tina Fierce’s cold war with the city socialite Sheila Gashumba and her boyfriend Marcus Lwanga alias God’s Plan has against changed its course as followers have again urged Sheila to first remove the log in her eyes before pricking the grass in Tina’s eyes.

Several social media followers have castigated Sheila for being an expert in cyberbullying despite the fact that she is crying out foul saying she has been bullied.  Several users have listed various people whom Sheila has viciously bullied and fought openly on social media.

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Among the various people whom Sheilla has trashed to ground zero include Robin Kitsi former workmate at NTV on the Login programme, and the MUBS girl Thelma Garim whom she branded as pure evil due to her sexual scandals something which did not impress the pubic hence the backfire she’s facing now.

It will be remembered that Sheilla and God’s Plan through their lawyers filed a case against Tina Fierce on accusations that the “scoop on scoop” presenter had made derogatory statements about the couple.

The battle between the two sides is however still trending though fans are waiting to see whether Sheila will reflect on her dark side before constantly painting a picture of Tina’s imperfections.

Check out screenshots below;


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