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“Zari Hassan Has No Idea About Anything Apart From Singing Out Loud In Bed!” – Bajjo Stings Zari Hassan After Bobi Wine Criticism

Zari Hassan

Ageing socialite Zarinah Hassan Tlale alias Zari Hassan has faced yet another scathing attack from one of the People Power Poster boys after her criticism of Bobi Wine. Zari had claimed that Bobi Wine is not fit to be president because he doesn’t have the ‘credentials’. However, People Power fanatics Bajjo Events has stung her, saying she doesn’t deserve to be making any comments about a man who is contesting for presidency.

While reacting to Zari Hassan’s statement, Bajjo has reiterated that the only thing that Zari should comment on is s3x, saying that is the only area she has expertise.

Bajjo of Bajjo Events

Bajjo during the interview revealed that he doesn’t know why Zari should be concerned about a singer turned politician because she has no idea about politics or music. He revealed that Zari Hassan is only good at singing in bed but had never been even a good artiste.

Zari has no moral authority to talks about Bobi Wine’s credentials.She is a failed musician and apart from singing in bed she never really grew to become the singer she wanted to be Bajjo hit out.

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